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Cathedral Pool


The Cathedral's timeless and classic design will provide an elegant focal point for your backyard paradise, with plenty of room to soak or swim.

Cathedral Diagram
Cathedral LX Pool

Cathedral LX

The Cathedral LX takes all the awesome features of the original Cathedral and ads easy in-and-out steps and a sun shelf for lazy days in the sun.

Cathedral LX Diagram

Choose from 6 Beautiful Pool Color Options

From peaceful and tranquil, to bold and dramatic. Make the choice that will complement your style!

Caribbean Sparkle light, refreshing & colorful

Caribbean Sparkle gives your pool a classic pool water color in the daylight. Its light blue hue appears quite refreshing and entices pool goes to take a dip to cool off.

The light color has a high light reflection value and is ideal for showing off LED lighting.

California brilliant, sparkling, invigorating

A pool with the California color sparkles and shimmers in the sunlight providing a crisp refreshing look and an invigorating feeling.

Maya deep, relaxing, mesmerizing

Maya’s deep, rich blue gives an elegant feeling to any pool. This beautiful, mesmerizing color induces relaxation and a feeling of wellness day and night.

Diamond calm, clean, crisp

The diamond color reflects a light shade of blue green. Its neutrality allows you to make a statement with your decor and can help you pull off any look from clean and modern to traditional and stately.

Pearl spa-like, reflective, calming

Pearl is zen-like and provides a classic light blue water color. This selection will give you the best light reflection value and is ideal for showing off LED lighting.

Sandstone natural, tranquil, refreshing

A sandstone colored pool brings the feeling of the beach to your backyard. Its light teal hue mimics the water reflection that you see off the shores of many beautiful beaches, providing pool goers a natural sea ambiance.